Jesuit Refugee Service
Jesuit Refugee Service

JRS and Top Pillars Partnership

Top Pillars partnerships are based on trust and commitment. We strive to provide customer-centric and a 360 degree business services to enable our ecosystem of partners business to bring innovative consultation and training programs and technical expertise to enterprises in MENA. The partnership between Top Pillars and JRS aiming to upscaling JRS management and operational team skills, and to create jobs for both refugees and host communities in Jordan.

Top Pillars obligated to provide JRS with high quality training online and offline:

  • Project Management.
  • Functional and Primary Training
  • Job Access Skills.
  • Soft and Hard Skills

About JRS

(JRS) is an international Catholic organization with a mission to accompany, serve and advocate on behalf of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons. JRS undertakes services at national and regional levels with the support of an international office in Rome. Founded in November 1980 as a work of the Society of Jesus, JRS was officially registered on 19 March 2000 at the Vatican State as a foundation.

JRS is also concerned with advocacy and human rights work. This involves ensuring that refugees are afforded their full rights while in exile and during repatriation as guaranteed by the 1951 Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and working to strengthen the protection afforded to internally displaced persons (IDPs). It extends to lobbying for and promoting international human rights legislation, either through participation in international campaigns and coalitions or through membership of international fora, such as the UN Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC).

JRS has been supporting refugees in Jordan for the last 12 years responding to the needs of thousands of refugees and vulnerable Jordanians in Education, Basic Needs, Livelihoods and Psychosocial support. JRS Jordan is present in Amman Jabal Al-Hussein, but provides transportation for students and beneficiaries from different locations in Amman. In 2019, JRS Jordan served around 3,000 refugees and vulnerable Jordanians. JRS has the experience of serving and protecting the most vulnerable who include children with special needs and women. 

Top Pillar & JRS Capacity Building Program 08-17/ 11/2020 ( Ended )


Introduction and basics

Project initiation and delivery approach

Scope planning

Project scheduling and resource planning

Project execution and control

Project costing

Performance evaluation

Case study


Training theories and the difference between children and
adults training
Collecting training requirements and Selecting training topics
Designing course schedules, and training materials
Designing group workshops
Using articulation techniques
Designing and planning classrooms online and offline
Designing and planning online training
Designing the training tools and practice session
Organizing between Morning and Afternoon Sessions
Dealing with difficult situations
Applying Presentation Techniques
Applying body language techniques
Communication skills for trainers
Instructional technology
Using Technology in education

Top Pillar & JRS Refugees Capacity Building Program 23-26/ 11/2020 ( In Progress)

Training covers : 1) Business Model Canvas. 2) Business Planning.

Impact: 75 refugees s successfully completed the training program.